Open Air Jeeps was created with a very simple goal - To help our fellow Jeep owners repair, restore, or modify their Jeep vehicles in an environment that they've come to expect from this community.

We’ve been part of the Jeep family for more than 35 years, driving, repairing, building and restoring them ... from CJs to JKs, Comanches to Gladiators, Cherokees to Wagoneers…and everything in between.

Away from the big box 4x4 retailers and generic automotive service centers, and closer to the helping hand on your last trail ride, Open Air Jeeps provides the experience, service and honest advice that you deserve. As long time Jeep owners, we share a common loyalty to the Jeep Brand, and a bond with fellow Jeepers that far surpasses any other vehicle on the road (or trail) today. Despite the common bond that Jeepers share, each Jeep is as individual and as personal as its owner. Whether you want a custom show Jeep or an original restoration; maybe you need to get your trail rig ready for the next ride, or your daily driver back on the road...if there's a Jeep involved, we're here to help.

Whatever your needs, as small as they may be, or as wild as you want to go - from changing a dash light to full OEM restoration, aftermarket performance parts installation to total resto-mod, let us know what you're thinking. We'll do it right, at a fair price, and we'll ensure your satisfaction from start to finish.

At Open Air Jeeps, we know what you expect - Integrity, Character and Service!
We look forward to earning and maintaining your business!